Construction/renovation of a residence in Nederhorst den Berg.

by admin

The property is situated adjoining the old village centre of Nederhorst den Berg.

An important starting point for the design of the expansion was to treat the existing buildings with respect. Old and new should strengthen each other. We have wanted to realise this by staying away from the existing buildings as much as possible. The existing volume is repeated as a whole and in virtually the same form, and placed behind the existing sewerage line. In the materialisation and detailing of this expansion we consciously chose for a contemporary arrangement. For that reason there was a search for a contrasting colour palette.

In the current situation people enter through the front door, formerly the only entrance to the house. The entrance is very spacious and light, with direct view to the roof construction via the open space. This entrance has helped inspire the provision of a void in this expansion, with a view to the first floor. The roof window provides the entrance with natural light.