Renovation and re-fit of an ‘artist in residency’ in Amsterdam (2008)

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Dec. 2007-May 2008
The ‘Grey House’ provides accommodation for the ‘artist in residency’ programme for international lecturers who are temporarily associated with the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Sandberg Institute.

Henri Snel collaborated with six students from the Textile Design & Architectural Design departments in order to renovate and fit-out this sizeable project. The students who have participated in this are: Barbara Pais, (curtains), Marleen Daamen & Mitou Tou (magnetic wall) from the Textile department, and Kristen Maurer, Tieke Hentenaar & Luam Habtegaber (study furniture) from the Architectural Design department.

The ‘Grey House’ is a villa located diagonally across from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

In keeping with the concept for the artist in residency programme, the spaces and permanent fixtures have been kept to grey & white tones, hence the name ‘Grey House’. The colour in the building is provided by the artworks.

The Grey House provides (former) Rietveld students with the opportunity to display their works, turning it into a kind of art exchange. Every six months the artworks are replaced, thus changing the look of the interior and the space.