A research about the ultimate future plan (focus 2030) for an Alzheimer institute/residence‘.

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Henri Snel, tutor at the Sandberg Institute: The future prospects for Alzheimer’s disease looks bleak. In Western European countries, there is much research into the origin to the disease, but there is very little progress. At the same time the number of cases dramatically increase. The cause of aging is therewith.
There is proportionally much less research on the present and future living conditions than the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, the current health and socio-economically are under strong pressure. What does the life of an Alzheimer’s patient admitted to a nursing home about 20 years from now? With this research we would like to contribute to the discussion of the disease in general and generate a possible solution for improving the living situation and residence of Alzheimer patients in the future.

Pdf. Alzheimer research question