Optimal Healing Environments

by admin

Henri Snel was participating in the symposium ‘Optimal Healing Environments’. Kopvol – architecture & psychology was organizing in cooperation with the Samueli Institute USA and The Netherlands Creative Industries Fund an international symposium on ‘Optimal Healing Environments: It is indisputable to state that built environments have an influence on human beings. While we remember some for our whole life, we forget others immediately after leaving them. To feel comfortable in certain buildings or to think that they are beautiful or memorable does by far not mean that we can employ them successfully in the battle against illness and use them effectively as a cure.

In the course of the symposium four different perspectives on Healing Environment will be introduced by inspiring and internationally acknowledged speakers. In a ‘round table’ discussion we take novel paths of approaching Healing Environments by discussing the term critically and find answers on the question how health scientists and designers can work together in order to improve the design of healthcare architecture that increasingly requires ‘Evidence Based Design’.