First dementia friendly newspaper will be distributed within the neighborhood of Amsterdam-South

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dementia friendly newspaper henri snel

People with dementia are often disconnected to society and ‘quickly forgotten’; to keep them connected to society we created a newspaper, to keep them connected to their environment. A newspaper specifically for them, for us it was ‘a quest’ how to design it, we did it through clear colored frames, bold words and simple titles lead them through this newspaper. Hopefully memories from the past and today’s topics will stimulate them to conversation and an updated present. We created a editorial commission with people from the neighbourhood, participants of the Odense huis, students of department of inter-architecture of the Rietveld Academie, the for ‘each other week’, the Alzheimer café Amsterdam-South and many more to discuss the topics for this newspaper. Coming Tuesday, 28 of January, the newspaper designed by Mees van Rijckevorsel will be distributed in the neighbourhood and offered to district director Marco Kreuger from the city of Amsterdam.

Pdf. Dementie vriendelijke krant tweede editie