Coming soon: lecture by Henri Snel at the symposium ‘Welkom in de Zorg’. The topic is about dementia and movement

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welkom in de zorg henri snel

I propose an investigation into ‘Alzheimers and movement’ and ‘haptic architecture and tactile senses’ from an architectural perspective. It is very important to move your body, especially for people suffering from Alzheimer’s; it stimulates their cognition, it stabiles their ‘day and night rhythm’, it reduces pain because of movement and it creates an natural fatigue. For people who are not able to move so much, it is very important to eat healthy food and especially to chew, it activates their brains! I believe that the Alzheimer patient needs a more sensory related space. The patient often loses contact with the outside world, they become more and more dependent on their primary senses. This implies the need to restore a more intimate relationship, as they are thrown back to sensorial perception as communication.

Welkom in de zorg on 14 and 15 May 2014.