Haptic pillow fighting performance by Japanese dance and choreographer Maya Ichikawa

by admin
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Henri Snel was participating in the workshop led by Ms. Maya Ichikawa, a Japanese choreographer, staying for a month by participating Deshima AIR. Deshima AIR is an artist in residency program for Japanese artists in Amsterdam, supported by ‘t Japans Cultureel Centrum, Amsterdam.
During her stay, Maya has a project of community dance, she wants to work with diverse people, young and old, male and female. She wants to lead people into dance from “pillow fighting” workshop. The pillow fighting is simple fun without verbal communication. This often happens during the school trip just before going to sleep, so it is something nostalgic too.
Maya will use the physical communication from pillow fighting and guiding us towards choreographed dance performance. She aims to give this transforming moment (from fun to dance) to people who are not professional dancers for experience. The pillow fighting has relation to sleep too, she plans to bring this elements into the workshop.